Man tries to sell oldtimer by using his sexy daughter

People tend to do strange things when trying to sell their used car, some even take desperate measures to be able to seal the deal. Take for instance a middle aged man who was trying to sell his oldtimer on E-Bay. He wanted to make his add stand out from the other ones but didn’t know how. Then it hit him: he decided to take sexy pictures of his 20 year old daughter wearing nothing but a top, high heels and a panty on top of his Datsun Z-series 280Z from 1977 to get more views.

That certainly is a way to make your “oldtimer for sale” add stand out, but at what cost? Do you really want to lower yourself to this just get your used car sold faster? Here are some other ways to sell your used car without having to sink that low.

Making your “car for sale” add stand out

Whenever you type sell car or sell used car in google you will get hundreds of car auction sites who offer their services. Despite the large number of sites available, it is very difficult to sell a  car as a private car seller. There are so many people putting up adds that it’s very difficult to stand out from the crowd in order to be seen by the right car dealers. So how do you manage to make your add stand out without having to make your daughter pose in front of it in nothing but sexy lingerie? Many people would advise E-Bay but that won’t get you far. After a couple of hours your add will disappear in between thousands of other ones. Besides the fact that E-Bay is very crowded, if you manage to find someone who shows interest in your used car, there still is a big chance that this person might not go through with the transaction. You have no guarantee whatsoever that you will get your money and that the private car buyer will hold up to his end of the deal. There are also countless scammers online 24/7 looking to scam anyone who crosses their path. So basically typing “sell used car for cash” on internet might get you into more trouble then you signed up for.

Get cash for car through a car selling site

If you want to sell your used car without getting scammed, or having to deal with people who don’t show up at appointments then you should sign up on the car auction site You can register your car in 3 simple steps for free, once you registered your car someone will contact you within the next 48 hours with an offer. You are free to accept or decline the offer without any further consequences. If you accept the offer made by the private car buyer you will get cash for your car on the day that you drop off the car.


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